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Word I am These words The ink that contains The stars The planets, Endangered turtles near the ocean shores Words that awakens the Lord from his divine slumber Ink that records the heart beeps of the departed. I am the word Encircling the orbit That encompasses time and space Lines moving through the Inter galactic space I am that word Guarding the final frontier Record the history Historical truth or untruth Sighs of women raped Burnt fingers on the coal The same coal that burns all to ash Words, just words born to combat the words. Words, just words discovered to combat the words Today I am that word That unveils the hidden Script not yet deciphered, unguarded code Unobtrusive, unorthodox, unrestricted, decoded code Of recording All sighs, all ahs of the world. Mandira Ghosh


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Surgeet Foundation
long lasting power of word
Khagendra Kumar Sengar
you are amazing in writing. you penned your words amazingly. I write a poem on childhood. i need your valuable suggestions and feedback. i invite you to read it
Unknown Writer
at the moment i started it wasn't feel me so good but gradually it became awesome..
Archana Nair
Beautiful ❤️
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