Humanity still alive.........!!!


Humanity still alive.........!!!
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A heart melting human touch and it's plethora of humanity is.....


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Nehalkumar Suthar
nicely wrote. I was able to visualize with brief conversation between all the members in this story..superb!
Udaya Yadav
nice story of humanity #after all mercy is the kindness present in humans lookafter each other finally#grt msg
Mamta Kriplani
Avery heart touching story,based on human values.heartiest congratulations to the another.
Anshu Shrivastava
Heart touching story!!! (Please visit to know more about me and the blogs I write)
Aashish Shabran
it was not in tune. the suspense author tried to create is illogical. "humanity with blind inhuman characters".
Usharani Rani
Good emphasis on morals ,ethics and values.realistic story
Usha Dhulipalla
One way Tear shedding and on the otherhand Heart Touching ......... It revokes human valyes and bondage in these days of No human values days.
merugu naresh
A marvelous story ....which reflects the special bonding in the human beings .
Bala Bhaskar
It's a spark to the human values and also an eye opener to the narrow thinking minds... strongly recommend all to read to value human life above all else!!!
vivekananda Dhulipalla
Great narration about humanity
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