Dysfunctional "Bhagwans"

Sarah Farheen

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It’s 3 am in the morning. The A&E is very unlike its usual overcrowded self. The seven stretcher/beds lie empty. In the farthest corner of the room, just below the air conditioner, a man sleeps on ...


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Nakshatra Jhansi🐰
Just awesome! 👌👌👌
रूचि सेठ
You have beautifully explained the pain/feeling of a doctor and the circumstances in which they work and the expectations from them by common people. Loved it. Keep writing good stories.
Sumant Gupta
No word to explain this.. believe me,nobody cares more than a doctor about their patient well being..but the behaviour of society towards doctors getting me goosebumps everyday..now I always ask a question to myself..will I make it against all the odds,when most of the people don't appreciate you but you have to do bcz it's your duty ...the last paragraph of this story is correctly defining the story a DOCTOR...FROM a future doctor from KGMU LKO
Suresh Banakar
What is good about the entire story is it gives details about the life of overworked doctors. Looks very realistic. Very good comic writing. I felt like little bit more attention should have been given to the child's death and it would have added more depth to the story.
Karansinha Patil
Doctoring in play form. We need more such stories. Comedic as this was, the situation doctors are in when they treat us really needs some attention.
Archana Nair
This is incredibly funny and moving at the same time. We need more pieces like this to know about our local Bhagwans, who aren't given temples. I think you could write a series of these snippets. Also, the writing style works. Brings out the story nicely.
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